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Dr. Thomas Henry Moray
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Dr. Thomas Henry Moray (Abstracts)
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  • Radiant Energy: For Beyond the Light Rays Lies the Secret of the Universe: The Evolution and Transmutation of the Atom (1946) [Updated 1 decade ago]
    by Thomas Henry Moray   read the paper:

    The reader should bear in mind that most of the ideas as set forth in the following pages, as also later date, were first given to the world by Dr. Moray from 1911 to 1931, and therefore should be read with that thought in mind.

    In the past we permitted ourselves to be put on the defensive in our attempts to prove our stand. This was a mistake, as TRUTH should never be put on the defensive. The system of instruction of the Far East rather than that of the Western World should be used in advancing new discoveries of truth. In the Far East the teacher does not stop to prove each theory or fact. The message is delivered whether his hearers agree with him or not. He does not care whether they all agree with him or not, for he feels sure those who are ready for the truth he teaches will recognize it, and for the others, if they are not prepared to receive the truth; no amount of argument will help matters. The Eastern teacher knows that much of his teaching is but the planting of seed which will grow and be recognized only after the lapse of time.

  • Beyond the Light Rays: Explanations of the Oscillations of Radiant Energy
    by Thomas Henry Moray   read the paper:

    In writing this very short account of the oscillating theory of the Moray "Radiant Energy" discoveries, one can only touch the high spots as many large books would have to be written to even in a small way cover the subject.

    All who may read this may not understand me, as I may fail to explain myself as fully as I might desire. There have been truly great men who were unable to express themselves so that men of their time understood their inner meaning. Franklin, Faraday, Cavendish and others gave to the world, their ideas in a form unintelligible to many learned ones of their day, yet their theories have since become known facts. It is hard to rid ourselves of inherited ideas which so completely, although perhaps unconsciously control our line of thought. Another difficulty which has hindered man in forming a true picture of the objective world is that mixed blessing ? egotism. In early centuries he could not escape from the false assumption of his own preeminent importance, and these same shackles are still prejudicing the observations of most persons.