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Dr. Thomas Henry Moray
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Dr. Thomas Henry Moray (Books)

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by Moray B. King, Thomas Henry Moray

Pages: 192
Publisher: Adventures Unlimited Press
Year: 2005
ISBN: 1931882428
ISBN: 1931882428

Explains cold-current, free-energy devices with today's science. Using the 1920's inventions of T. Henry Moray as a starting point, the book explores a wide range of popular science and frontier physics. Free-energy technology could solve today's energy crisis and cold-current physics will soon make any other technology obsolete!

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by Thomas Henry Moray, John E. Moray

Pages: 161
Publisher: Cosray Research Institute, Inc.
Year: 1930/1945/1960/1978

Websites: www.tesla.hu

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In the study of these pages one should consider that both matter and radiations have corpuscular properties as well as wave properties. The corpuscular properties are evident when recogniaed as highly localized events of very short duration with specific values of electric charge, energy, and mass. The wave properties can be proven in different ways which have been proven and taught for so many years...