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Ing. Peter Kohut
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Ing. Peter Kohut (Books)

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by Peter Kohut

Pages: 148
Publisher: VDM Verlag Dr. M?ller
Year: 2011
ISBN: 3639331044
ISBN: 978-3639331042

A new period of human history is beginning accompanied with a spiritual revolution in thinking and knowledge. Science, mainly theoretical physics, is in a deep crisis as a consequence of a positivistic approach and refusal of dialectical logic as the most appropriate instrunment for fidning the true nature of God and the Universe. The elementary quantum dipole as the basic structural unit of the Universe is discovered. It is a fundamental constituent of any form of matter and interaction and at the same time the holder of elementary unit of space. It represents the relation of anti-poles. The principle of unity is valid - everything is connected with everything else. Every quantum dipole is connected with all others in the Universe. The basic space-time equation of the Universe is derived and the nature of gravity is discovered. All important physical characteristics are detected and calculated. But the physical Universe is only a subordinated aspect of God as the absolute self-consciousness. The main mission of this publication is to search and detect the truth of existence and so offer the best food for our spirit.