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Prof. Jeremy Dunning-Davies
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Prof. Jeremy Dunning-Davies (Books)

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by Jeremy Dunning-Davies

Pages: 256
Publisher: Horwood Publishing Limited
Year: 2007
ISBN: 904275303
ISBN: 904275303

I would like to draw your attention to Jeremy Dunning-Davies?s book ?Exploding a Myth?, which I have positively reviewed on the blog of http://www.aias.us/. On this site you will find criticisms of the CERN experiment and Big Bang. At AIAS we have proven (papers 93 and following of the ECE series) that the Einstein field equation is geometrically incorrect due to its neglect of spacetime torsion. This means that Big Bang is scientifically meaningless, and all concepts based on it. We have replaced the theory by one based on torsion. Jeremy Dunning Davies is the President of the newly formed Telesio Galilei Foundation, founded by Prof. Francesco Fucilla. The latter is also a well known City industrialist. As you state in your article, there is considerable displacement of wool going on, and also the pulling of wool over innocent eyes. The hysterical media events as you rightly state, merely indicate that CERN has at last, after much delay and detector damage, managed to power up its hyper expensive machine. This is the large hadron collider designed to look for the mythical Higgs boson - the god particle. Jeremy Dunning-Davies skillfuly exposes the reality of things - mythology is an idol of the cave, and CERN is an idol like no other. I also draw your attention to the work of Stephen Crothers, who has demonstrated in many ways that there are no black holes in nature. Our paper 93 has been accepted worldwide, and proves conclusively that the geometry used by Einstein is fatally flawed. AT CERN they are actually looking for a particle called the Higgs boson which has no defined energy, so they are looking for something which cannot be defined, like blindfolded figures in a Mucker fog. This pea, buried in a soup of jargon, was not found by LEP. There was no Big Bang, that is flawed and empty speculation and its basic FLRW metric was proven in paper 93 on http://www.aias.us/ to be irretrievable incorrect. So CERN is a huge waste of money. If you look at our paper 117 you will see that Gravity Probe B was also a huge waste of money, as LIGOS is also likely to be. Jeremy Dunning-Davies explains why this fleecing, as you rightly put it, can go on. You are also right in thinking that the shearing of sheep is perpetuum mobile, more fleece is eternally needed at a time when the poor and elderly are already suffering from hyper-expensive fuel. This arrogant madness must stop. - Glyn Eithrym, Civil List Scientist

"This is a readable, well presented, and scientifically accurate book which gives a fair minded account of the errors in the theory of relativity which have led to the myths of Big Bang and black holes. It is now known from papers 93 ff on http://www.aias.us/ that the Einstein field equation is self inconsistent, so there can be no theoretical basis for either concept. It is well known now that they are dogma propagated by an unscientific minority with vested interest in public funding. Jeremy Dunning-Davies presents a well balanced summary of the situation in 2007, prior to the discovery in paper 93 that the Einstein field equation is itself incorrect because of its neglect of spacetime torsion. Therefore the author is perfectly correct in pointing out the numerous flaws in Big Bang theory and black hole theory. In particular he shows that there is no singularity that can lead to black holes. The notion of Big Bang was proven to be mathematically incorrect in paper 93 ff. of _[...] ([...]) . It was found that the Robertson Walker metric does not obey fundamental geometry when torsion is properly accounted for. The author correctly and interestingly points out that several distinguished scientists have proven that there is no singularity in the original work by Schwarzschild in 1916. These include Schwarzschild himself, Albert Einstein (Ann. Math., 40, 922 (1939)), Paul Dirac ("General Theory of Relativity" (Princeton Univ Press, reprinted 1996) and Brillouin. Crothers has also given an interesting history of the fallacies in Big Bang and black hole theory, and the work in paper 93 ff. is definitive, it should dispel these myths once and for all. Dr Dunning-Davies has been very courageous in his attempts to expose the continued claims for public funding for what should be dead in the water concepts. I strongly recommend this book to any reader truly interested in truth and thought, not empty dogma." - Prof. Myron W. Evans, Civil List Scientist @ amazom