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Dr. William G. Carnahan
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Dr. William G. Carnahan (Books)

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by William G. Carnahan

Pages: 96
Publisher: William G. Carnahan
Year: 1979/1983

Websites: adsabs.harvard.edu/abs/1979QB341.G7.......

A collection of winning essays in response to competitions sponsored by The Association for Pushing Gravity Reasearch (APGR), this book presents some of the most profound ideas written on gravity in the 1970s and early 1980s.


  •   3 William G. Carnahan, Conservation Theory Gravitation: Summary
  • 14 William G. Carnahan, Strange Assumptions of Certain Modern (?) Physicists
  • 19 William G. Carnahan, How to Gain Weight adn Vector Accelerations from "Weber's" Stellar Waves (1971)
  • 22 John Kierein, Implications of the Compton Effect Interpretation of Red Shift (1975, 1st Place)
  • 26 John B. Kizer, The case for a Lesagian Theory of Gravitation (1975, 2nd Place)
  • 29 Valyn C. Williams, How to Make Black Holes from Golf Holes
  • 30 John B. Kizer, The Total Gravitational Flux of Free Space (1976, 1st Place)
  • 33 William R. Jones, The Quality of the Ether (1976, 2nd Place)
  • 39 John B. Kizer, Three Arguments on the Nature of Space (1977, 1st Place)
  • 44 John Gribben, Gravity, Tides on the Sun and Climatic Change (1977, 2nd Place)
  • 50 Gary C. Miller, A Search for the Known Properties of Gravitation (1978, 1st Place)
  • 60 John P. Fernandez, The Pushing Mechanism of Gravity (1978, 2nd Place)
  • 64 John P. Fernandez, Cosmological Effects of the New Aether Experiments (1979, 1st Place)
  • 70 Harold Aspden, A Case for Pushing Gravity (1979, 2nd Place)
  • 72 William G. Carnahan, Assorted Material

The assorted material interspersed throughout the book includes correspondence from and to Bill Carnihan, featuring interesting anecdotes from Grote Reber, Michael Kirsch and several others.