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Ken Wright
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Ken Wright (Books)

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by Ken Wright

Publisher: Kenneth F. Wright
Year: 1999

A Field Theory Demonstrating the ?Strong Nuclear Force? and Gravity are One And The Same Using Quantum Mechanics, Newton?s Law of Gravity, and Einstein?s General Relativity Theory.

Table of Contents

The Chapter Titles and Subtitles are Links to the Web Page for that Chapter

  1. Purpose for Evaluation of the ?Strong Nuclear Force? and Gravity
  2. Executive Summary
  3. The Classical Physics Evaluation of Electrostatics and Gravity
    1. The Electrostatic Repulsion Force
    2. Newton?s Law of Gravity - The Attractive Force of Masses
    3. Comparison of Electrostatic Repulsion and Gravitational Attraction
  4. Nuclear Gravitation Field Theory:  Major Stumbling Blocks to Overcome
  5. New Theory Results Must Equal Old Theory Results When and Where Applicable
    1. Newton?s Law of Gravity as It Applies to Large Masses and Nuclear Gravitation Field Theory
    2. Kepler?s Laws, Gravity, and Nuclear Gravitation Field Theory
  6. Structure of the Nucleus of the Atom
  7. The Schrodinger Wave Equation and Quantum Mechanics - The Particle and Wave Characteristics of Matter
  8. Nuclear Gravitation Field Theory Versus Accepted Strong Nuclear Force Overcoming Electrostatic Repulsion
  9. Comparison of the Nuclear Gravitation Field to the Gravitational Field of the Sun and the Gravitational Field of a Neutron Star
  10. Quantum Mechanics, General Relativity, and the Nuclear Gravitation Field Theory
  11. Properties of the Strong Nuclear Force, Nuclear Properties of Bismuth, and the Nuclear Gravitation Field Theory
  12. Conclusion
  13. Appendix A:  References
  14. Appendix B:  Background of the Author