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Jerry Decker
local time: 2023-06-04 23:51 (-06:00 )
Jerry Decker (About)
World Science Database Profile
Interests: New Energy, Experiments, Paranormal, Resonance

Jerry Wayne Decker, founder of KeelyNet, has long been devoted to the quest for authentic free energy, gravity control and electronic health technologies.

KeelyNet began as a BBS in 1988 and moved to the InterNet in 1994, having inspired many other websites along the way, as well as promoting the active sharing of useful and interesting information related to both orthodox and alternative science.

Jerry worked for 23 years as Technical Manager for 3 different large photoprocessing labs. KeelyNet has long promoted and freely shared huge amounts of focused information gathered from many sources, emails and other contacts with an emphasis on correlation that would lead to successful experiments to develop working, authentic, verified and reproducible free energy and gravity control methods.

Through KeelyNet and its many associates, Jerry is actively involved in networking and communicating with scientists, technicians, researchers and interested people wanting to cut through the vast amount of false, fraudulent and often erroneous claims relating to alternative science experiments.

To date, realists understand there is no working free energy device that has been shared that others can at least duplicate the basic phenomena.

Currently, Jerry is studying, experimenting and working to develop a private research lab to carry out advanced experiments involving many aspects of 'alternative science.'

Old contact: (214) 324-8741 / Fax: (214) 324-3501, KeelyNet, PO Box 870716, Mesquite, TX 75187