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Robert A. Kerr
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Robert A. Kerr (Abstracts)
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  • The Universal Mechanics of Vision (2010) [Updated 1 decade ago]
    by Robert A. Kerr   read the paper: This abstract will never have a paper

    Vision results from the reflection of light. Light energy is transmitted by impulse to stationary or slower moving mass particles. The energy transmitted reduces photon velocity and reflects slower visual images. Visual mass images impact the electrons of the millions of retinal photons. The photon energy output is transmitted to the brain which deciphers the reflected images. We see the reflected images traveling at subluminal velocity.

    The mechanics seems unbelievable, but consider the visions of a huge mountain image passing through the pupil of the eye that can be enlarged from a subluminal volume increment. The calculated particulate mass is 7.375x10-48 grams. The particulate density is 4.1245x1028 particles/cm3. The mass density is 6.83x10-15 grams per mole. This is Maxwell's so-called "vacua". This is about 10-14 the density of Hydrogen at Standard Day Conditions. Since energy transfer requires mass, wave energy transmission mus transpire in a particulate fluid medium.

    The pressure of photon fluid at standard day conditions is temperature. No other behavior can account for photon fluid pressure and its capability to penetrate all other materials with the exception of an electron. The concentration of accumulated mass sequence is that electrons are composed of photons and protons are composed of electrons. Particles are spherical. They accumulate spherically until they are no longer penetrated by like particles which are then reflected. The sequence of particle mass is photon,electron and proton. Greater mass accumulation is the realm of chemistry.

    The photon population is virtually infinite. The Hologram Paradox arises from the fact that there are enough photons to produce an image of any scale or in region of space so that enlarging any increment of of an image can be expanded to form the complete image. The resolution maximum is 37,000 by 37000 pixels per square centimeter. This is about 2.097x10^5 times the resolution of the infrared Hubble Telephone camera (NICMOS).
    This explanation is the only concept that account for subluminary behavior.

  • Light Is Transmitted By Photons (2010) [Updated 1 decade ago]
    by Robert A. Kerr   read the paper: This abstract will never have a paper

    Dr. Glen Borchardt is a great Physicist. However, he makes one significant mistake when he states that ?Light is not transmitted by photons?. Photons are the smallest detectable mass particle. They are detected and quantitated by their pressure which is temperature. Equalibrium establishes that they have the highest velocity of any detectable mass particle. Their energy is transferred to all particles of greater mass by impact. The energy transmitted is limited by photon reflection time. Hence, the reflection time is least for the most massive particle. Therefore, the transferred energy is greatest to the smallest target particle which is the electron.

    Particle mass concentrations form from the mutual shielding between particles. As they grow the particles are compressed until their interstices are smaller than the impacting particles. A larger electron particle has been formed. The electron is the only fluid particle that reflects photon impulse. The same fielding mechanics forms the proton whose interstices are penetrated by both photons and electrons.

    All concentrations of mass are unlimited in size until their external pressure can not contain their mass content. They burst into nova's releasing their internal pressure. This creates the cycle of the universe. It's existence and the related mechanics is substantiated by the fluid behavior of a thunder storm.

    Photon pressure (temperature) evaporates water forming smaller droplets. The smaller droplets increase the surface area adsorbing electrons. The vapor rises because water droplets are formed from two hydrogen and one oxygen atom which is lighter then atmospheric particles. As atmospheric pressure decreases with altitude the water vapor forms smaller droplets separated by electron pressure. The smaller droplets form clouds. Further cooling increases droplet size reducing droplet surface area causing lightning bolts. The larger droplets produce rain and increase electron pressure. The voltage velocity is less than the velocity of light and the thunder occurs with the speed sound. The lightning bolt emits photons traveling at light velocity. This proves that light is transmitted by photons. Q. E. D

  • Understanding the Mechanics of Wave Action (2008) [Updated 6 years ago]
    by Robert A. Kerr   read the paper: This abstract will never have a paper

    Most scientists fail to recognize that wave action can only occur in a medium. A wave transmits mass impulse energy by a sequence of compressions in the direction of emission. In a solid it is a resonant vibration. In incompressible fluid it is a 3 dimensional sequence of mass propagation in the direction of emission. In a gas it is a 5 dimensional impulse of emitted input energy. The impulse produces a compression of a surrounding medium of like particles that sequentially exert the compressive force in the direction of emission. Although frequency is proportional to wave particle energy all of the constituent particles have the same transmission velocity. The only explanation of the simultaneous conduct of different velocity particles is equal resistance of a medium of like particles. The collapse of the transverse media expansion elastically transfers the impulse energy to the resistant media particles. The resisting media particles repeat the cycle in the initial direction of emission. The resistance of the medium is proportional to volumetric particle density. Increased density decreases mean free path of the wave particle. Mean free path in a given medium establishes the propagation velocity. Electromagnetic waves are transmitted by overtly undetectable particles. Their action is identical to sound wave propagation in the atmosphere. The greater size and mass of atmospheric particles limit them to sonic velocity. Atmospheric pressure is proportional to temperature. Temperature defines atmospheric particulate density at a given pressure level. Temperature penetrates all atomic structures and establishes the separation of media particle mass increments. Temperature is the reciprocal of the coefficient of thermal expansion. Its action correlates with the kinetic theory of gases and the second law of thermodynamics. Temperature equally quantifies the pressure of an omnipresent wave energy-transmitting medium.

  • The Logical Basis Supporting a Universal Aethereal Fluid (2008) [Updated 1 decade ago]
    by Robert A. Kerr   read the paper: This abstract will never have a paper

    The emission and travel of light and all electromagnetic phenomena can only be explained by fluid behavior. Individual radiated frequencies are transmitted at the same velocity. Radiation frequencies are proportional to energy level. The only conceivable mechanical explanation is wave action. Wave action results from the limit of media resistance. Media particle resistance is equal to emitted particle energy. Visual imagery proves that all light particles travel the same distance per unit time. The only known mechanical equivalent methodology is an audio wave. Distance traveled per unit time is the mean free path. Mean free path is inversely proportional to frequency. It defines the wavelength of the wave that is established by an emitted particle. There is no other conceivable explanation of the electromagnetic behavior consistent with the data. Space must be an invisible fluid.

    Aethereal fluid properties are consistent with temperature. The fluid particles are minute enough to penetrate the interstices of all molecules and atoms defining their mass per unit volume. However they cannot penetrate electrons. Their pressure on electrons explains electromagnetic behavior and the source of magnetic fields.

    Aethereal fluid particles are in a chaotic motion. However, random concentrations are regenerative because they interrupt the chaotic motion of surrounding particles. The action is the focusing pressure radially inward. The focusing forms a spherical concentration. This is exemplified by the formation of liquid droplets in the process of concentration. Spherical concentrations are limited only locally by available materials. The sequence of concentration sizes is electron, proton, atom, molecule?. to galaxy. The galactic limit is the amount of mass a solar cycle sun can maintain without exploding as a Nova. The sun maintains its inevitable lifetime by radiating the high energy photons formed in its core.

  • Conception of Physical Meaning (2008) [Updated 1 decade ago]
    by Robert A. Kerr   read the paper:

    The most significant problem with physical science is the substitution of empirical methods for conceivable reality. Without conception science is blind and it is impossible to surmount the obstacles encountered in its pursuit. Many of the fundamentals are reduced to equations which arrive at the correct answers and dispel the requirements to visualize why the answers are valid. Ignoring basic precepts allows unlimited speculation. Conception is the criterion for reality. It is mandatory that how and why things happen must form the foundation of science.

  • Compression versus Attraction (2007) [Updated 6 years ago]

    Earth's Atmospheric Structure challenges the validity of gravitational attraction as a function of molecular mass. Electromagnetic radiation spatial frequency harmonics do not comply with BIG BANG or currant theories of spatial structure. No logically conceivable explanations have been offered. Since molecular density varies at every altitude, the isobaric altitude structure of Earth's atmospheric field can only be explained by a radially acting inward compression. This paper presents a logically conceivable explanation consistent with fluid dynamics and available data. The critical keys to the puzzle are: Planck's Energy (E = hf), DeBroglies Equation (hf = mv2), the agreement of Quantum Mechanics with Ideal Gas Law and addition of particulate density to Einstein's Energy Equation (E = nmv2) when applied to a gaseous fluid. The unlocking solution is that n = f! Planck's Constant (h) is revealed as the kinetic energy of a photon. Photon mass is h divided by the local velocity of light squared. h adds mass to the Quantum Equations for Dynamic Attributes. Photon energy is transmitted by impulse (Momentum). Photon pressure is impulse per unit area (Energy). Photon volumetric confinement is pressure per unit volume (Spin magnitude). Quantum Mechanics utilizes waveforms to simulate the actual fluid mechanics. Hence it produces correct answers without conception of the actual dynamics. Spatial fluid pressure is exerted by photons. It is quantitated by absolute temperature. Temperature is the reciprocal of the coefficient of volumetric thermal expansion. Spatial mass concentrations are regenerative because they interfere with and radially organize random particle energy. Spatial fluid mass concentrations are the source of Thermodynamic Entropy. Accumulation of mass reduces available surface area within the mass concentration which initiates electromagnetic radiation emission.

  • Thinking Like a Particle (2003) [Updated 6 years ago]
    by Robert A. Kerr   read the paper:

    A compliment made by my superior in a performance review was "He thinks like a molecule of Mercury. I was designing and developing a closed Rankine Cycle power generation system for a satellite. The working fluid was Mercury and the environment was a zero gravity orbit. The power output was delivered by a turbine powered generator. The waste heat was rejected to space. Boiling, super-heating, condensing, collecting and pumping Mercury at zero G's was a aero/thermodynamic challenge. Everything was hidden in completely sealed stainless steal components and plumbing. For example: boiling Mercury forms liquid droplets in vapor instead of vapor droplets in liquid. Wetting agents were added to enable the required heat transfer in the boiler. Magnetic detectable floats were used to define Mercury state and distribution. The objective was to convert heat from a reactor or isotope heat source into electrical power. Sodium, Potassium, Rubidium, Sulphur and NaK were all considered as working fluids for similar power generation systems. There was no choice but to think like a particle.

  • Analyzing Basic Physics (2002) [Updated 1 decade ago]
    by Robert A. Kerr   read the paper:

    Analysis is the process of determining the reason for events.  Its product is conceptual reality.  The process is philosophy.  Stephen Hawking (himself no philosopher) stated: "Philosophers can no longer understand science." The converse of his statement also appears to be evident: Scientists can no longer understand philosophy. Although both of these statements are generally true, I'm sure that some exceptions do occur. The following is an attempt to repair the apparent breach between science and philosophy.

  • An Analysis of Reality (2002) [Updated 6 years ago]
    by Robert A. Kerr   read the paper:

    Time is a sequence of relevant events which forms the path from the past to the present an leads to the future. Retracing the documented data which formed the temporal path allows us to consider the validity of our present position relative to our future goals. Reality is enforced by the material substance we encounter and determines the events which form the path we have taken.

    Science is based on the quantitation of the reality of substance which ranges from the infinitesimal to the infinite. Our scientific pathway has been built on local substance. Substance is matter. Matter can be broken down into infinitesimal elements which exceed the capability of overtly discernible measurement. The limits of direct measurement are surmounted by the application of logical induction. The mandatory requisite for induction is that every effect has a cause consistent with an overtly developed baseline of physical mechanics.

    Reality is achieved through conceptual understanding of the mechanics that account for the behavior and distribution of discernible substance. The Alchemists led the way with their breakdown of matter into earth, water, air and fire. Although they lacked the data and tools to refine their concept, it provided a fundamental basis for quantitating material substance. It recognized the three phases of matter and energy. Earth, water, air were the effects and fire was the cause. The subsequently developed and refined version of the Alchemist Concept is the Periodic Table of Elements.

  • The Scientific Panacea of Luminiferous Aether (2000) [Updated 6 years ago]
    by Robert A. Kerr   read the paper:

    The recognition and utilization of the digital nature of light mandates a virtually infinite population of particulate digits to account for visual acuity. Temperature defines radiation frequency which establishes it as the pressure of a luminiferous fluid. Temperature is omnipresent. Radiation pressure is the source of all energy. All large cosmic entities are spherical. A sphere is the minimum volume product of external pressure. The source of this pressure is geometric inverse square law magnification of spatial pressure which forms gravitational fields. The interaction of theses fields unifies and defines all the forces of nature. The dimensions of Newton?s gravitational equation are the dimensions of radiation shielding. The properties and behavior of a luminiferous aether are derivable from accepted and established data.

  • Physical Logic Versus Physical Dogma (1998) [Updated 1 decade ago]
    by Robert A. Kerr   read the paper:

    How much of contemporary physical theory has been supposition based on the absence of suitable mechanical explanations? Have many major concepts been accepted dogmatically with insufficient evaluation of the evidence and in violation of fundamental causality? How many physicists, who have accepted these fundamental dogmatic concepts, are willing to recognize, let alone acknowledge, that these concepts are invalid? Who is willing to rock the boat? The answers to these questions are evident. The real question is: How can causal reality be restored to Physical Science in light of this dogmatic brain-washing of the establishment.

  • The Microcosmic and Biological Significance of Photon Fluid (1997) [Updated 1 decade ago]

  • Photons: The Source of Physical Reality (1996) [Updated 1 decade ago]