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Dr. Dennis P. Allen
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Dr. Dennis P. Allen (Books)

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by Dennis P. Allen

Pages: 33
Publisher: CreateSpace.com
Year: 2012
ISBN: 1-4752-2211-4
ISBN: 9781475222111

Websites: www.Amazon.com

A retired mathematician shares his hard won insights on such matters as just why physics is becoming so mathematical today while simultaneously moving farther and farther from application. Also he speaks to G. H. Hardy's related, widely held opinion concerning applied mathematics being manifestly inferior to pure mathematics.

View count: 1
by Dennis P. Allen

Pages: 51
Publisher: CreateSpace
Year: 2011
ISBN: 1456533835
ISBN: 978-1456533830

This book is in two parts. The first is our generalizing Morton F. Spears's gravitational theory to the ionized atom case thereby offering an explanation of the Biefeld-Brown effect in electrogravitics while the second part applies this theory to enable implementation of an idea of Dr. Erwin J. Saxl, a post-doctoral student of Einstein, concerning earthquake early-warning systems. The text uses only elementary algebra as the potential theory used is introduced without proof thus obviating the necessity of utilizing partial differential equations or even trigonometry. The book is much more physics than mathematics ... in the tradition of Michael Faraday.