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John Hunter
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John Hunter (Abstracts)
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  • The Rescaling Symmetry Principle (2008) [Updated 1 decade ago]
    by John Hunter   read the paper:

    A symmetry principle is discussed whereby the whole universe can change scale. It is shown that a reinterpretation of ?expansion' of the universe, (due to changing scale factor), as a ?rescaling', can lead to a redshift of light, due to a changing of Plancks constant with time. Predictions for the magnitudes of supernovae against redshift are made and found to be in good agreement with supernovae data, without recourse to dark energy. Matter density, of one quarter critical density, occurs naturally from Einsteins equations, with an equation of state parameter of -1 (in accordance with values inferred from WMAP data). It is concluded that the reinterpretation of a solution of the equations of General Relativity, for the universe, may be necessary. The question of inertia is considered, and the new interpretation of General Relativity is found to support modern views on its cause.