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Dr. Thomas Smid
local time: 2024-04-14 01:01 (+00:00 )
Dr. Thomas Smid (About)
CNPS Member
Physicist, Astronomer
Interests: Relativity, Cosmology, Quantum Theory, Plasma, Astrophysics

  • M.Sc. Physics (Bonn University, 1980) , Ph.D. Astronomy (Bonn University, 1987).
  • Research in Plasma Physics, Ionospheric Physics, Radiative Processes, Radiative Transfer.
  • For more see http://www.plasmaphysics.org.uk/research
  • Presently working as web-programmer/developer , but any scientific work offers are welcome
  • See websites for other contact addresses
  • (the above email is presently valid, but may be disabled in case of too much spam)