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Peter F. Ofner
local time: 2023-06-11 04:55 (+11:00 DST)
Peter F. Ofner (Abstracts)
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  • Truth and the Special Theory of Relativity (1997) [Updated 5 years ago]

    It is shown that theoretically an apparent shortening of fast receding objects could be observed by extremely accurate methods. This could not be done for approaching objects. These would appear to be stretched rather than shrunk. But neither of these apparent effects occurs in reality. Einstein's own statement is quoted in support of this argument. He said that truth had different meanings in theoretical physics and experimental physics respectively. The STR is of restricted validity, as was indicated by the original name, Restricted Theory of Relativity.

  • Einstein's Errors (1997) [Updated 6 years ago]

    A short discussion of errors of the description of his kinematics published in 1905 is given in this letter. The definition of terms used is not adequate to this day, and rather surprisingly a simple mathematical error can be found in the description of the Special Theory of Relativity. Three errors are indicated. None of these is discussed in great detail. We hope to cause more detailed treatment of these problems by skilled mathematicians and experimental physicists with background in this area.

  • Hoek, Sagnac, and the Ether (1996) [Updated 6 years ago]