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Gp. Capt. Gurcharn S. Sandhu
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Gp. Capt. Gurcharn S. Sandhu (Books)

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by Gurcharn S. Sandhu

Pages: 240
Publisher: iUniverse Publishing
Year: 2009
ISBN: 978-1440136566 (sc)
ISBN: 978-1440136573 (ebook)

Websites: https://sites.google.com/a/fundamentalphysics.info/book/

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In this book the author has shown that whole physical phenomenon involving matter and fields can be represented as orderly ?space-time? distortions or dynamic deformations and strains in the physical space continuum. The physical measurable properties of permittivity, permeability and intrinsic impedance characterize the empty space or vacuum as a physical entity.

The field of space-time distortions has been explored to analyze the shape, size, internal structure and mutual interactions of elementary particles. Dynamic deformations in the physical space continuum have been analytically studied in detail, through the displacement vector field U. This provides a more fundamental level of investigation into the workings of Nature, in comparison to the fields currently employed for the purpose.

A closed region of the Space Continuum in a permissible strained state, satisfying the equilibrium equations and boundary conditions, is termed a strain bubble, provided the total strain energy content in this region is invariant. Particular solutions for a few strain bubbles have been obtained that correspond to the well known stable particles??namely electron, positron, proton, neutron and the photon.