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Hossein Turner
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Hossein Turner (Abstracts)
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  • Terrestial Field-Aligned Currents and Mesocyclone Phenomena: A Tentative Hypothesis (2012) [Updated 1 decade ago]
    by Hossein Turner   read the paper:

    The conventional explanation of lightning relies on charge-polarisation dynamics specific to ice-particles and super-cooled water droplets in convective clouds. While such particle charge polarisations are potentially capable of creating an electrical field in a thermodynamic turbulent environment, there are apparent problems in such a hypothesis for mainstream theorists. The main problem is that the electric fields measured in storm clouds seem to be incapable of producing the lightning discharges that we see from thunderstorms. Other hypotheses have been suggested by numerous researchers over the years. These include the mechanisms of cosmic rays and runaway breakdown. These too, are fraught with technical problems. The Electric Universe researchers have also posited that ionospheric currents interact with the leaky capacitor action of the lower atmosphere and create a conductive pathway as the resistance is broken down by mesocyclonic convection. The problem with this theory is in explaining non-mesocylonic thunderstorms and the weakness of the global "fair-weather current". In light of these issues, I have suggested a hypothesis of terrestial electrical breakdown via the conventional charge-polarisation mechanism, but with the electric-field becoming shielded as part of a terrestial Birkeland Current that develops within the cloud itself. Synchrotron radiation via terrestially accelerated high-energy electrons can be formed via helical movement within Birkeland filaments - and this radiation can generate energy across the entire range of the EM spectrum (e.g. Gamma and X-Ray). This field-aligned current explanation may also partially apply to tornado-genesis. A paper by Charles L. Chandler serves as a particularly note-worthy influence towards this hypothesis.