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Fred L. Walker
local time: 2023-09-25 09:07 (-07:00 DST)
Fred L. Walker (Abstracts)
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  • The Fluid Space Vortex: Universal Prime Mover (2000) [Updated 6 years ago]

    Based on recent observations, which are otherwise unexplainable, it was previously hypothesized that the universal space medium behaves as a unique dynamic fluid in which major astronomical bodies rotate at rest in the centers of vast vortex flows. This hypothesis is now further examined to determine if it is feasible in compliance with basic principles of hydrodynamics and mechanics. The nature of the streamline current flows within such a vortex is defined. Gravitational effects which would occur inside such a vortex are analyzed. Supporting observational and experimental evidence is presented, and it is concluded that such vortices do in fact exist in an incompressible fluid medium which occupies all of space, and that they play a major role in universal mechanics. This should apply on macroscopic as well as microscopic scales. Implications are extensive particularly in regard to the formation and orbiting of planets, stars, galaxies, and larger formations. Cause and effect explanations are indicated for a number of current mysteries.

  • Role of a Fluid Aether Vortex in Forming Stars and Planets (1998) [Updated 1 decade ago]

  • Logic May Avoid Errors in New Cosmological Theories (1996) [Updated 1 decade ago]

  • Evidence of a Dynamic Fluid Space Medium (1996) [Updated 1 decade ago]

  • Are the Galaxies Really Receding? (1992) [Updated 1 decade ago]