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Miguel Kovac
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Miguel Kovac (Abstracts)
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  • Gravity Particles and the Strong Force (2012) [Updated 1 decade ago]
    by Miguel Kovac   read the paper:

    Is shown a graphical model for gravitational particles to determine the gravitational waves wavelength. Wavelength obtained graphically let to calculate the gravity acceleration due to a body on any point of the space measured from its center. The objective is to determine the gravity acceleration, the wavelength of the gravitational wave, speed of the wave and its specific internal energy. To do the study are used formulas for acceleration and velocity obtained from hypothesis and well sustained experiment. Are shown results tables to compare the results for gravity acceleration obtained in this model, the results of Newton's equation and the results for latitude 45? taken from a physics book. Is concluded that gravitational force is a strong force and gravitational waves speed is equal to the light speed in the center of the earth and diminish while move away from its center.







  • Theoretical and Experimental Model for the Four Fundamental Forces of Nature (2011) [Updated 1 decade ago]
    by Miguel Kovac   read the paper:

    The four fundamental forces of the nature: gravity, strong, weak and electromagnetic can be calculated using two equations, the one let calculate the velocity of the particles and the other let to calculate the acceleration of the particles. Those equations are obtained from an experiment and the hypotheses formulation based on the performance of the particles. The experiment is made using a Reynolds apparatus. Is described in detail the hypothetical particles performance. Is the formulation of three hypotheses to predict its performance. This prediction is demonstrated viewing an experiment in the Reynolds apparatus. The hypothesis let to determine velocity and acceleration equations of the hypothetical particles. The right interpretation of the equations is the point of beginning to determine the four fundamental forces of the nature.