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Stan Byers
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Stan Byers (Abstracts)
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  • Creation of Energy (2016) [Updated 6 years ago]
    by Stan Byers   read the paper:

    This is a public domain article. The prime E field radiation and shielding system of the cosmos is the  background medium for all electromagnetic radiation, all cosmic magnetic fields and it is the first cause for the solar and galactic energy and electric force production and global warming. Shielding of the radiation results in a voltage polarization field which is the first cause for the electrical polarization of the Earth, and all objects and atoms in the Universe. The radiation is isotropic, exhibits a near infinite speed and is not electromagnetic nor particulate radiation.    home.netcom.com/~sbyers11/createnergy.htm                * * *

  • Force Doubling Paradox of Gravitational Attraction: Radiation Pressure versus General Relativity (2010) [Updated 7 years ago]
    by Stan Byers   read the paper:

    This paper compares three concepts for modeling the cause of gravitation

    • Radiation Pressure
    • General Relativity Attraction
    • Mass Attraction

    The argument is presented that the radiation pressure model of gravity is the only model that produces the correct values for the forces acting upon orbiting bodies. All competing attraction models produce values that are double the actual force which is required to maintain orbit. This force doubling paradox as detailed in this paper indicates that the Mass Attraction and General Relativity Attraction concepts are not viable models for the cause of gravity.


  • Light Speed versus Special Relativity (2009) [Updated 5 years ago]
    by Stan Byers   read the paper:

    Public Domain information: In order to promote the widest possible distribution of this Light Speed versus Special Relativity article, the content authored by Stanley Byers is granted to be in the public domain.
    This paper reviews the available speed of light (c) measurements of 1994 AD that demonstrate speed variations of inter-planetary light as measured relative to the motion of:... planets, satellites, the solar system, and the Milky Way galaxy.
    The idea that light from a remote source maintains a constant speed (c) relative to all observers regardless of their differing speeds and directions, as proposed by the theory of Special Relativity, is shown to be incompatible with the characteristics of light's speed demonstrated by the 1994 AD data, analysis and charts of Io's eclipse timing.
    The one single fact that demonstrates that light speed is not constant to all observers is the "1003 second delay" in Io's eclipse timing,... as discovered by Roemer circa 1676 AD.


  • Radiant Pressure Model of Remote Forces (2005) [Updated 1 decade ago]
    by Stan Byers   read the paper:

    This paper provides a physical systems model for the transmission of all forces that appear to act through a distance in an absolute vacuum, and for redefining the essence of nuclear particulate matter. The basic elements of this model are the existence of isotropic radiant frequencies in free space and in matter, and matter existing as interference patterns or deformations in the linear flows.

    Matter's shadowing interactions with these non particulate radiant spectra cause forces of attraction and repulsion. A free body in open space is symmetrically illuminated with this radiant flow, and as it shields or shadows some of the radiation passing through it, the resultant forces are also symmetrically balanced.

    As the Earth and planets interact with the radiation, a shadow is formed around each planet. A free body drifting into the shadowed radiant space would be subjected to an unbalanced flow due to the shadow from below. The radiant flow and force from above is no longer balanced from below and a resultant unbalanced force or radiant "pressure" toward Earth appears on the free body. This force is normally called gravity or " mass attraction ".