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Ken Moore
local time: 2021-09-24 05:48 (-04:00 DST)
Ken Moore (Websites)

Ken Moore[Updated 1 decade ago]

Computer Systems Engineer with over 30 years experience in Computer Performance Evaluation (CPE) and Mathematical Modeling, Retired.

I am interested in knowing if Special Relativity Theory (SRT) can be used to reliably predict the performance of network elements (computer platforms) that are traveling at relativistic speeds with respects to our Local Group of about one million stars.  At this point, I am interested in developing a mathematical model that can reliably predict performance metrics such as response time (one way transmission time as well as end-to-end response time) between two platforms moving at relativistic speeds with respects to an Observer (CPE Analyst) who is "stationary" with respects to the stars in our Local Group of stars.  I am not interested in modeling the effects of gravity fields.  I want to "keep it simple" and predict response times between two platforms that are far enough from massive objects that reliable performance predictions can be made as a function of relative velocity only.