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Paul Monus
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Paul Monus (Books)

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by Paul Monus

Publisher: Paul Monus
Year: 1982



I was not searching for perpetual motion. If you think so, I must disappoint you. As an electrical engineer down to earth, and a long time research worker, I was very well aware, that there could be no such thing as perpetuum mobile. You can?t cheat the laws of nature.

You can build a new type of prime mover, a new motor, or any mechanical device with one condition: the driving energy must come from somewhere. I will discuss the energy sources in Chapter 11 of this book. We cannot produce energy. We can only transform it from one form to another. How well we can transform is called efficiency. I have been looking for new and more efficient transformation possibilities. How I succeed, will now be presented to you.

If you have an inquiring mind, and you will use my results and create more and practical machines, after first working them out on paper. All are unique, and working perfectly. In exposition I will be very critical of myself. If you will follow my guiding principles, you must succeed. In case of failure, look for cause in yourself.

For some explanations I must use mathematics. I have tried to curb it to a minimum. If you are not mathematically inclined, please skip over the calculations. This will not affect you final work. A practically minded person can succeed as well without it.

Finally I will be very happy if I will hear from you. And now to work!