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Dr. Hartwig Wolfgang Thim
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Dr. Hartwig Wolfgang Thim (Abstracts)
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  • Three Major Inconsistencies of the Lorentz Transformations (2011) [Updated 9 years ago]
    by Hartwig Wolfgang Thim   read the paper:

    The Lorentz Transformation equations are suffering from at least three major inconsistencies. These are: 1) a logic error appears in Einstein's light speed postulate, 2) the LTs are intransitive and 3) they yield the experimentally refuted transverse Doppler Shift.

  • Einstein's Light Speed Postulate is Illogical (2010) [Updated 4 years ago]
    by Hartwig Wolfgang Thim   read the paper:

    Einstein postulated in his 1905 article that light speed is isotropic in all inertial frames in order to derive the Lorentz Transformations. But the light speed postulate is logically wrong for the following reason: suppose, a short light pulse is emitted from a source mounted, say, in the origin of the coordinate system K, which is at rest. A coordinate system K' is moving at v in the x-direction. At the moment, when the origins of both K and K' are coinciding, one spherical wave front is lounged at the origin of K. This means that there will be one spherical wave-front expanding around the origin of K, because the origin of K' moves away at v. But the Lorentz Transformations transform this pulse (lounged in K) into a wave-front spherically expanding in K', although there cannot be such a spherically expanding wave-front around the origin of K'. How could there be one, as only one spherically expanding wave-front was generated around the origin of K, where the emitter is mounted! K' moves away at v, without carrying with it a spherically expanding wave front at the origin of K'. But the Lorentz transformation equations are predicting that! This cannot be correct! It is logically impossible!

  • "Spooky Action" is a Well Known Phenomenon in Car Engines (2009) [Updated 4 years ago]
    by Hartwig Wolfgang Thim   read the paper:

    Einstein had claimed that simultaneity of actions at distant positions is impossible due to the finite speed of light. However, Zeilinger and Salart et al. have shown that entanglement enables photons to transmit information at speeds much higher than the speed of light. Einstein called entanglement ?spooky action at a distance?. Ives did not agree with this and showed in 1939 that information can travel faster than light using a double Fizeau toothed wheel. A camshaft in a car engine is, in principle, functioning the same way as it switches several valves distributed along the camshaft at well defined times. Synchronization is entirely mechanical and instantaneous or, in Einstein's words, spooky action at a finite distance occurs. It can, in fact, be made so fast that even the one-way speed of light can be and has indeed been measured this way.

    This talk will be held on Thursday, September 3, 2009 at 5.30 p.m. in Room HSB2, University of Innsbruck at the Joint Annual Meeting of the Austrian Physical Society and Swiss Physical Society.

  • How Much Lower is the Frequency of a Solid State Oscillator When it is Moving Relative to the CMB (Cosmic Microwave Background) (2008) [Updated 4 years ago]
    by Hartwig Wolfgang Thim   read the paper:

    The postulates of special relativity and the Lorentz ether theory could easily be tested by measuring the resonance frequency of a microwave resonator as it strongly depends on the phase velocities of the waves travelling back and forth. If, for example, a signal is injected into a shorted transmission line a standing wave voltage distribution is formed by the two waves travelling at phase velocities c-u and c+u, with u being the absolute velocity of our solar system in the direction of LEO, i.e., u = 390km/s. The wavelength ? of the standing wave is reduced by the well known factor (1-u2/c2). However, the decrease of ? for u = 390km/s is very small, so that probing the wavelength will not likely yield a meaningful value for the absolute velocity u. A more successful method might be to connect the resonator to an active element such as a bipolar transistor and build a solid state oscillator. The frequency of operation can easily be calculated and it will be shown that it does neither depend on the square root of (1-u2/c2) as special relativity predicts due to "time dilation" nor on (1-u2/c2) as the Lorentz Ether Theory would predict. The calculation rather shows that all circuit elements will contribute to some other dependence which can be calculated numerically or determined experimentally. Thus a series of experiments with different solid state oscillator circuits could be performed in order to measure the actual ticking rate of clocks (=oscillators) at rest or in motion relative to the ether, to the cosmic microwave background (Smoot's New Aether) or relative to whatever. When two different oscillator circuits would be operated in a common laboratory on earth during a 12 hours period of time (half a revolution of the earth) and different frequency readings would be observed after they had initially been tuned to the same frequency this would indicate that the Lorentz Ether Theory is correct whereas equal frequency readings would indicate that special relativity is applicable. Experimental results obtained with several different oscillators and theoretical aspects of this method will be discussed at the Conference.

  • Licht kann mit Licht nicht gemessen werden! (2008) [Updated 1 decade ago]

  • The Postulates of Both Galilean And Special Relativity Have Been Violated by the U2 Anisotropy Experiment of Smoot et al (2006) [Updated 3 years ago]

    The first postulate of special relativity states that light propagation is isotropic in all inertial frames of reference according to the equations (......). However, Smoot et al. have observed, that radiation coming from the direction of constellation of LEO is blue shifted, whereas radiation coming from the opposite direction is red shifted. Putting the measured shifts into the Doppler shift equations yielded the absolute motion of our solar system to be approximately equal to 390km/s in the direction LEO. Hence, light propagation is anisotropic in our solar system. One of the above equations has thus been falsified by Smoot et al. This implies that the Lorentz transformations, which are the basis of special relativity, are not valid in our universe. Both theories - special and general relativity - have therefore been refuted. Marinov's coupled mirrors experiment had yielded essentiallly the same result already in 1975.

  • Die Tagung 2006 der ?sterreichischen Physikalischen Gesellschaft vom 18.09. bis 21.09.2006 in Graz und die wahrzunehmende Stimmung in der Forschung (2006) [Updated 1 decade ago]

  • Vorschlag eines Experiments zur Widerlegung der Zeitdilatation (2006) [Updated 1 decade ago]

  • The Long History of the Mass-Energy Relation (2006) [Updated 8 years ago]
    by Hartwig Wolfgang Thim   read the paper:

  • An Experimental Setup for Measuring the One-Way Phase Velocity of a Microwave Signal (2005) [Updated 1 decade ago]

    The Michelson-Morley null result is readily explained as a classical Doppler effect due to the fact that the out-and-back phase velocity is isotropic and thus in both arms of the Michelson Interferometer equal to c?= c (1-v2/c2). It is important to emphasize that the phase velocities rather than the group velocities must be considered which are different from each other in the transverse arm whereas they are identical in the longitudinal arm. This means that the Michelson Interferometer is -in principle ? unsuited to detect an absolute frame of reference or ether-drift. In order to reliably detect an absolute frame of reference where the speed of light is isotropic an experimental setup allowing to measure the one-way-phase velocity of an electromagnetic wave must be used. In this presentation a microwave setup will be described which uses a 12.5 GHz signal traveling along a 3 m long signal path. Both generator and oscilloscope are synchronized by a specially designed 3 m long ?micro-electro-mechanical? transmission line providing a non-electromagnetic signal path. This setup should be capable of detecting the absolute velocity of our solar system relative to the Cosmic Microwave Background (~360km/s) in a similar manner as Marinov had done it already in 1975.

  • Absence of the Relativistic Transverse Doppler Shift at Microwave Frequencies (2003) [Updated 8 years ago]
    by Hartwig Wolfgang Thim   read the paper:

    An experiment is described showing that a 33-GHz
    microwave signal received by rotating antennas is not exhibiting
    the frequency shift (“transverse Doppler effect”) predicted by the
    relativistic Doppler formula. The sensitivity of the apparatus used
    has been tested to be sufficient for detecting frequency shifts as
    small as 10 3 Hz which corresponds to the value of (v c)2 =
    5 10 14 used in the transverse Doppler shift experiment reported
    here. From the observed absence of the transverse Doppler shift it
    is concluded that either the time dilation predicted by the standard
    theory of special relativity does not exist in reality or, if it does, is a
    phenomenon which does not depend on relative velocities but may
    be a function of absolute velocities in the fundamental frame of the
    isotropic microwave background radiation.
    Index Terms—Doppler radar, interferometry,