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David W. Thomson
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David W. Thomson (Books)

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by David W. Thomson, Jim Bourassa

Pages: 316
Publisher: Quantum AetherDynamics Institute
Year: 2004
ISBN: 0972425128

Websites: www.quantumaetherdynamics.com www.16pi2.com

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We present many new scientific discoveries within these pages. Quantum Structure is discovered with easy to understand equations.  New from the Aether Physics Model:

  • Unified Force Theory - Unifies all fundamental forces
  • Geometric Model of Space and Time - both space and time are curved
  • Space-resonance is more fundamental than Space-time
  • Identification of Aether as quantum rotating magnetic field
  • Evidence for non-material, creative Gforce as source of existence
  • Quantification of Consciousness
  • Identification of the nature of dark matter
  • Neutrino quantified as folding of Aether units in onta binding
  • Two distinct manifestationsof charge
  • Geometry essential to all aspects of existence