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John Duffield
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John Duffield (Books)

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by John Duffield

Pages: 222
Publisher: Corella Limited
Year: 2009
ISBN: 0956097804
ISBN: 978-0956097804

RELATIVITY+ is an analysis of the 'basic concepts' relating to the individual terms within equations such as E=mc?. After an introductory preamble spanning the history of relativity, money, and belief, the book follows a logical progression to offer explanations of the fundamental nature of energy, mass, and charge before moving on to time, gravity, and space. Subsequent chapters touch on Newton Faraday Maxwell and Weyl, and then discuss the topology of particles, the quantum of quantum mechanics, the fine structure constant, the standard model, and the unification of the forces. The focus then shifts to cosmology speculating on the universe, dark energy, dark matter, inflation, black holes, and the big bang, before concluding with an outline 'unified model' followed by acknowledgements, references, and figures.