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Dr. John Carstoiu
local time: 2021-10-18 19:39 (-04:00 DST)
Dr. John Carstoiu (Abstracts)
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  • The Need for a Critical Reappraisal of Einstein?s General Relativity

    There are a great number of gravitational phenomena an which Einstein?s theory throws no light.  for instance, it is very odd that neither Newton?s Law or Einstein?s Relativity can explain the rotations of the planets.  Everybody takes the rotation of a planet for granted, but would the latter admit an explanation as planetary orbits do?

    ... The curved space-tiem universe of Einstein is a splendid object of mathematics, but what about its physical reality? ... There is no expefimental checkto support the very heavy mathematical structure of purely mathematica extensions, compliments or modifications of the original theory - without any additional experimental evidence.

  • Gravitation and Electromagnetism: Tentative Sysnthesis and Applications

    A variety of cosmogony, in particular the rotations of planets, might be related to the existence of the gravitational vortex ... as we see, the gravitational vortex opens large fields of investigation.