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Dr. John Carstoiu
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Dr. John Carstoiu (About)
World Science Database Profile
(Died: March 3, 1998)
Research Scientist
Interests: Antigravity Age: 86

Senior Research Scientist of the Atmospheric  Scientific Research Center, State University of New York at Albany & the University of Paris, Dept. of Theoretical Mechanics, Paris, France.

"Dr. John Carstoiu of Brookline, MA, who counts among his accomplishments an extension of the Maxwell equations to the evaluation of ponderomotor forces, likes to call the Priore machine a magnetohydrodynamic wave guidea He considers the acceleration of the plasma to be a significant feature. He refers to the various types of oscillation that may be set up but does not, and presumably cannot, say how they can manifest themselves across a quartz window." - J. B. Bateman, "A Biologically Active Combination of Modulated Magnetic and Microwave Fields: The Priore Machine", Office of Naval Research, (London) ~ Report R-5-78 (August 16, 1978).