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Dr. Marcel J. J. Pages
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Dr. Marcel J. J. Pages (About)
World Science Database Profile
Nuclear Engineer, Medical Doctor
Interests: Antigravity

"Dr. Marcel Pages, doctor of nuclear engineering and medicine, born in Perpegnon, France, is a founder and member of C.I.R.G., an international research center on gravitation created in Rome, Italy, in 1961. He determined the characteristics of an experimental prototype of a true spaceship and received a patent (No. 1,251,902) for such a vehicle, which is described and reproduced in his book "Le Defi De L'Antigravitation" (The Challlenge of Antigravitation; published by Editions Chiron, Paris, 1974)." Rho Sigma, Ether Technology, p. 93

In 1959, Dr. Marcel Pages proposed a theory at the International Congress of Satellites and Missiles, wherein gravity is not caused by the attraction of the Earth, but is caused by the repulsion of the Cosmos. Accordingly, the force which we call gravitation, he called 'sheer concentrated protonic energy'.

He supported his theory with a design of an antigravity machine which liberated itself from the force of gravity by an electric field rotating at the speed of light around the vehicle. This rotating field also suppressed mass inertia!

His design principle was tested successfully on small pieces of mica. - AntiGravity Propulsion

  • French Patent No. 1,253,902 (European Patent Office)