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Dr. Tim Binder
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Dr. Tim Binder (About)
World Science Database Profile
Medical Doctor
Interests: Walter Russell, New Energy, Biophysics

Along with Toby Grotz, Dr. Binder has created several experiments verifying Nuclear Magnetic Transmutation, the transmutation of elements from cold fusion processes.  He was editor of Fulcrum: The Science Journal of The University of Science and Philosophy, dedicated to furthering the science and philosophy of Walter Russell.

Education & Training

Dr. Tim Binder is a graduate of two four-year in-residence schools of modern and traditional natural medicine: the National College of Naturopathic Medicine and Western States Chiropractic College, both in Portland, Oregon. He is also a graduate of the North American College of Acupuncture in Vancouver, B.C., Canada with clinical training in Hong Kong and Kowloon, China. He completed a series of four postgraduate training sessions in homeopathic medicine at the National School of Homeopathic Medicine in Mexico City, Mexico.


Dr. Binder has been in full time private practice since 1972. In addition to his practice he served as president of the University of Science and Philosophy, founded by Walter and Lao Russell in Waynesboro, Virginia from 1988-1998 and again in 2002-2003. He is devoted to the healing arts as a practitioner and to disseminating the Russell's paradigm of Balance as the basis for a sustainable and peaceful civilization. Dr. Binder has incorporated this principle of Balance into his natural healing practice and the Position Technic program of body posture mechanics he developed.

Dr. Binder resides and practices naturopathic medicine in Hamilton, Montana, and is the father of two beautiful children who are now full-grown, Kevin and Buffy Binder.

Speaker & Teacher

Dr. Binder works passionately as an advocate of nondestructive, pollution-free alternatives to nuclear power and fossil-based fuels. He has spoken at and hosted international conferences; authored books; published his own and other persons' books; and conducted seminars in Russell Science, his own Position Technic and other natural health classes. Dr. Binder has also conducted scientific research projects to verify Walter Russell's concepts of matter formation, transmutation and energy production.

Dr. Tim is available as a consultant for staff as well as clients, and teaches workshops for individuals and physicians who want to develop additional methods for self care and health care. Some of his workshops include The Ustation Tubes and Health, Intuitive Diagnostics, Position Technic, Cranial Symmetrics and Associated Health conditions, and Acute and Chronic Health Self Health workshops.

Alternate contact

1221 Pearl Street
Boulder, CO 80304