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Christopher P. Tinsley
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Christopher P. Tinsley (About)
World Science Database Profile
(Died: October 1, 1997)
Interests: New Energy, Cold Fusion, Antigravity

Obituary: "The Death of a Very Good Man: Christopher P. Tinsley Dies Suddenly: Letters, Condolences, Photos," Infinite Energy, N15-16, pp. 60-66 (Jul-Nov 1997).


  • "Testing the Ragland Triode Cell," Infinite Energy, N13-14, pp. 59-61 (Mar-Jun 1997) (with Jed Rothwell)
  • The Things We Get Up To......SMOT: Simplified Over-Unity Toy, Infinite Energy, N13-14, pp. 59-61, (Mar-Jun 1997)
  • ?Table-Top Antigravity??, Infinite Energy,  (1997)