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Leroy Pea
local time: 2023-03-26 01:51 (-07:00 DST)
Leroy Pea (About)
World Science Database Profile
Digital Office Equipment Technician
Interests: New Energy, Magnetic Propulsion, H O

Born in Santa Clara Valley in 1949. I have 4 brothers and 1 sister. I grew up in the Santa Clara valley and moved out in 1991. I'm still a native Californian.  I've researched patented free energy devices, carburetors, flying saucers and suppressed technology, ozone and H2O2 since 1988.  I like to play harmonica and saxophone. I've played bari sax with the Laguna Community Band and the Lodi Community Band.  I have plenty of grandkids from Elisa Pea, Genevieve Pea,  Damian Pea, and Sarah Pea. My brother Terry and family live in Oregon.