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Dr. Emidio Laureti
local time: 2023-03-27 05:15 (+01:00 )
Dr. Emidio Laureti (About)
World Science Database Profile
Experimental Physicist
Interests: Non-newtonian Physics, Magnetic Propulsion

President, Associazione Sviluppo Propulsione Spaziale (ASPS), founded in Rome June 29, 1979.

ASPS is a private, nonprofit corporation (at the moment) whose purpose is to advance aerospace-related capabilities through implementing a Research and Development Lab to optimize and industrialize the prototypes developed. ASPS is expecting to establish a Consortium/Research Lab to improve research projects and involving also Financial Partners to sustain the continuing of the researches. ASPS has performed experimental research since 1979 about unexplored field of science first in mechanics and then in electrodynamics. Its quarterly periodical Nova Astronautica www.asps.it/na.htm, has featured ASPS history and work since 1980.

In Rome on May 3, 2005, the Non-Newtonian Propulsion (PNN) system P26MR05 was shown at the Sheraton Hotel with the aim of commercialization. This demonstration led to a July 2005 agreement with the Italian group "Marconi Dynamics" to develop PNN and to avoid the disclosure of PNN know-how during the research period. With the inspirational goal of interstellar travel, we seek breakthroughs in propeller-less transportation and energy. Having coordinated an experimental test utilizing these specific technologies, we can produce unidirectional thrust directly from electromagnetic fields. This can have revolutionary consequences for humanity and their transportation habits.