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Prof. John M. Bockris
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Prof. John M. Bockris (About)
World Science Database Profile
Professor of Electrochemistry
Interests: Chemistry, Electrochemistry, Cold Fusion, New Energy, Paranormal, Anomalies Age: 97

John O'Malley Bockris, an Australian electrochemist, coined the term ?hydrogen economy? in the 1970s. Bockris' hydrogen economy describes a system in which hydrogen would be used to transport energy from renewable sources over large distances and store it in large amounts. In 1962, Bockris first proposed a plan to supply US cities with solar-derived energy via hydrogen. In 1971, he published the first article on hydrogen in a referred journal. Bockris published Energy: The Solar-Hydrogen Alternative in 1975, one of the first detailed description of what a solar-hydrogen economy would look like.

Following the introduction of Cold Fusion by Pons and Fleischmann in 1989, Bockris in 1993 began experiments in the transmutation of elements, receiving a lot of press.   Other chemists at Texas A&M felt that their reputations were being sullied by the connection, so 23 of the 28 distinguished professors at Texas A&M called on the university provost to strip Bockris of his title as distinguished professor.  The effort ultimately failed and Bockris kept his job, however he retired after the university refused to allow the use of its halls for a conference on Cold Fusion Bockris tried to organize.

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