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Geoff Haselhurst
local time: 2023-03-24 13:33 (+09:30 )
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Interests: Big Bang, Cosmology

And it should be startling to all scientists / philosophers that simplicity (Occam's Razor) has never been applied to science itself (search the internet for most simple science theory of reality - only this website discusses this). You find that there is only one solution, the Wave Structure of Matter in Space. Then you can deduce from this to show that it works. There is no opinion involved. So I hope everyone who visits this page will read it - and help promote it on the internet. (I realize that most will not (apathy is a common human trait), but there are a few of you who care about science and society, realize the importance of truth and reality for Humanity.) http://www.spaceandmotion.com/Most-Simple-Scientific-Theory-Reality.htm