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Ben Iverson
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Ben Iverson (Books)

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by Ben Iverson

Pages: 301
Publisher: Delta Spectrum Research
Year: 1997
ISBN: 1883401038
ISBN: 978-1883401030

Apparently a compilation of four volumes of earlier works by the same name.

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by Ben Iverson

Pages: 120
Publisher: ITAM
Year: 1994
ISBN: 1883401089
ISBN: 978-1883401085

Volume 3 in set of 3.  Begins the application and theory, (no proofs are given in these books. Proofs are given in the books below). The subject of numbers being divided into octaves is discussed, and goes from here into applications in Music and Chemistry.  The proven Law of Harmonics is given along with the solution to tones of Music Of The Spheres. "Quantizing" is explained.  There is more emphasis placed upon the organization of energy.  All of these books are taking an important place in the research for New Energy which is free for the taking.

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by Ben Iverson

Pages: 56
Year: 1985/1997

This is the first volume of Quantum Arithmetic which sets the foundation for the subsequent volumes.  Mr. Iverson has devoted 40 years of his life to develop the principles of QA.  This is system will play a major part in the New Sciences, based on ancient arithmetic and wholistic principles.

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by Ben Iverson

Pages: 91
Publisher: ITAM
ISBN: B0001794

Volume 1 in set of 3. The basic introduction to Quantum Arithmetic. This should be understandable to a student which is 10 years of age, and is grounded in addition, subtraction and multiplication. A little basic algebra would be helpful. These books are designed for school text books. Although they can be started at a young age, it does not mean that more highly educated persons will find it easy. They may find it quite difficult because they will have certain learnings to forget.

Table of Contents

  • Preface
  • Introduction
  • Review
  • Chapter 1 - Fibonacci, Pythagoras & Primes
  • Chapter 2 - Prime Pythagorean Triangles
  • Chapter 3 - Algebra
  • Chapter 4 - Plato & A'Hmose
  • Chapter 5 - Koenig Series
  • Chapter 6 - Ellipse of Archimedes
  • Chapter 7 - History Problems & Questions Index

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by Ben Iverson

Pages: 117
Publisher: ITAM
ISBN: B0002794

Volume 2 in set of 3. Builds on QA-1 and expands Quantum Arithmetic to a useable level. This book goes into division of Quantum Numbers into Male and Female. Quantum Numbers are explained. The important position of the ELLIPSE in mathematics is stressed. This leads us to an understanding of "Quaternions", and the relationship within wave mechanics. Later on the subject of "Fractals" comes to the front.