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Bill Beaty
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Bill Beaty (Abstracts)
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  • Experiments with Ion Threads (1998) [Updated 4 years ago]
    by Bill Beaty   read the paper:

    Bill Beaty found a simple method for creating, detecting and experimenting with the coherent ion threads originally discovered by Charles Yost in 1995. This method employs dry ice instead of Yost's Schlieren imaging.  Thread-particles travel at 2omph or more, have meters length at 200KV, and can cross field-free regions of few-CM length.  (A larger version may create astroblemes on planetary surfaces, and if generated by thunderstorms, may explain some "cattle mutilation" events.  These may be an example of "Teleforce," Nikola Tesla's method for sending power through a hair-thin channel by employing a chain of high-velocity macro particles accelerated by a VandeGraaff electrostatic generator.)