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Dr. Paulo N. Correa
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Dr. Paulo N. Correa (About)
World Science Database Profile
Research Scientist, Inventor
Interests: Aether, New Energy, Gravity

Dr. Paulo N. Correa, HBA, BSc, MSc, PhD, biophysicist, oncologist (specialty - molecular hematology), author and inventor, was born in Lisbon, Portugal, in 1956. Dr. Correa is Senior Partner of Akronos Publishing (Vaughan, Canada), an innovative book and web publisher of forefront scientific research, and a member of the International Society of the Friends of Aetherometry (ISFA), which runs a sophisticated forum on biophysical research.

Dr. Correa's academic background includes extensive interdisciplinary and multilingual studies, in both Europe and North America, in the fields of Biophysics, Biochemistry, Cellular and Molecular Biology, Law, Political Science, Sociology, Languages and Music. He obtained a Master's Degree in Biophysics in 1987 and a Doctoral Degree in Cellular and Molecular Biology in 1991, both from the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Toronto.

In the fields of oncology and hematopoiesis, and together with Dr. A. Axelrad, Professor Emeritus at the University of Toronto, he has published extensively in scientific journals (Blood, International Journal of Cell Cloning) for over a decade, and is co-author of two seminal patents on a novel serum-free, chemically-defined medium methodology, and its application to the study of marrow proliferative disorders. Amongst several other breakthroughs, it has permitted new insight into the causation of Polycythemia vera, a pre-neoplastic disease.

In the fields of alternative physics and power generation, and together with Ms. Alexandra Correa - co-author, co-inventor, partner and collaborator for 3 decades - Dr. Correa has published extensively in the Infinite Energy journal and at Akronos Publishing. The Correas currently hold 10 pioneering patents in clinical oncology, advanced plasma electrodynamic systems and energy conversion.

The experimental and theoretical work of the Correas has generated a novel and systematic analytical framework that has challenged orthodox physical and biophysical paradigms. It has proven itself through still other inventions of the Correas in the areas of physics, biophysics, biochemistry, and analytical instrumentation, some with special application to clinical oncology (see Aetherometry Milestones).


  • "Electromechanical Transduction of Plasma Pulses," USP #5,416,391 (1995).
  • "Energy Conversion System," USP #5,449,989 (1995).

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