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Otto Luther
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Otto Luther (About)
World Science Database Profile
(Died: August 1, 1977)
Photographer, Scientist
Interests: Relativity Age: 70

To shed the joke of scientific bigotry, Otto Luther comes to grips with the opinions of Einstein and his disciples (relativity experts) by identifying the paradoxes, the oversights, the misconceptions, the contradictions, the inversion of fact, the misuse of terms as the errors now in use.  Luther clear a path for unimpeded exposition of new thinking embodied in "A Unified Field Theory of Dynamic Space".

Yorba Linda has the distinction of being the home of a scientist who has achieved recognition in Europe as well as in America. This gentleman, Mr. Otto Luther, has lived in Yorba Linda for seven years, having moved here in 1961. He is a native of New York, educated there and working there most of his life as an art director for several different companies. He has worked in depth on electronic photography, having developed and patented a device permitting the conversion of motion picture film to television images. This he accomplished while still in the industry and before his retirement. Before this accomplishment, the two systems were regarded as incompatible.

Since his retirement Mr. Luther has gone more deeply into the study of science, especially physics, a subject that has fascinated him since he was a child. He is mainly self taught in this field, devising techniques and working out concrete devices to prove his theories.

Our notable scientist has also researched that elusive bugbear of the human mind: the Einstein Theory of Relativity. He states that it is in error and he has invented a device by which he says he can prove his theory. He maintains that Einstein's equation E = mc2 (Energy equals mass times the speed of light squared) will have to be abandoned.

Albert Einstein himself said that if a single one of his conclusions drawn from the theory were proved wrong, the whole principle would have to be renounced because it cannot be modified without destroying it. Mr. Luther contends that there are many errors because an initial postulation was in error. This was the fact that Einstein did not take into account the existence of transverse movement of light, and accounted for movement in only one direction.

Two books have been published by Mr. Luther, the first entitled "Return to Reason" and the second "Relativity is Dead,"; and a third is in process of writing in which the author aims at giving the public more understanding of scientific facts rather than toward the professional scientific mind.

More complete explanations of Mr. Luther's theories for which we do not take space here, are in our library files. His theories have not as yet been generally accepted in the world of science, but he is confident that eventually this will have to come. - Ron Kenner, Santa Ana Register (1968?).