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Sharad D. Tipnis
local time: 2023-03-28 08:19 (+05:30 )
Sharad D. Tipnis (About)
World Science Database Profile
Bus mechanic

"A Mr Sharad Tipnis, now retired bus mechanic for the Maharastra state bus company, who has devoted a good chunk of his life zealously trying to prove Einstein wrong. According to Mr Tipnis, light does NOT bend, his proof of which he set out in a book entitled "E does not equal MC squared". I have a copy, and frankly its all Dutch to me, but he was fairly convincing and enormously enthusiatic even at 7.30 in the morning in a chai shop near Mahad. Sadly I think someone has proved him empirically wrong in the last year or so." - Monali, India http://www.indiamike.com/india/chai-and-chat-f73/admirable-indians-t4789/