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Milan R. Pavlovic
local time: 2023-02-04 03:05 (+01:00 )
Milan R. Pavlovic (Abstracts)
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  • The Problem of Motion in the Theory of Relativity (2002) [Updated 6 years ago]
    by Milan R. Pavlovic   read the paper:

    All the equations in the theory of special relativity were derived by use of two inertial coordinate systems. In the deriving of equations it is taken that the first coordinate system K is unmoving and that the second coordinate system K? moves at a speed v relative to the first. Such an approach to the problem of motion makes sense only from the view point of mathematics. However it is unacceptable from the view point of physics, because in nature everything is in motion. Besides, the theory of relativity does not accept the possibility of the existence of an ether...