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James Keele
local time: 2024-04-17 00:20 (-06:00 DST)
James Keele (About)
World Science Database Profile
Electrical Engineer
Interests: Special Relativity Electrodynamics, Ampere's Law, Coulomb's Law, Electric Vehicles Age: 83

I was born in the Hill Country of Texas in a farm house. I grew up at various places in Texas including Archer City, Texas where the "Last Picture Show" was filmed. I spent some years in Oklahoma and eventually graduated in '59 from the University of Oklahoma with a B.S. in EE. From there attended the University of Texas where I was a teacher assistant in the EE Department. In '61 I graduated there with a M.S. EE degree. Subsequent education occurred at Southern Methodist University and at the University of Texas at Dallas.

I got married and had three children. I got divorced in '79 and married again in '85. Then divorced again in '90. I been single ever since.

My working career was mostly in the R&D area of several companies. Most noticeable was the work with Texas Instruments with government products.

Currently, I am enjoying semi-retirement converting an old '84 VW Rabbit into an electric car. I am having sucess in that area. I have written several physics papers most of which can be found on my web site.