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Andrija Radovic
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Andrija Radovic (Abstracts)
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  • Origin of Terrestrial Magnetic Field: Thermo-voltaic Dynamo Theory (2010) [Updated 6 years ago]

    Recent research in the domain of gravitation showed that existing theories could not yield direct connection between gravitation and magnetic field even on a great scale where the gravitational force plays a major role. This lack of ability to yield plausible answer abetted quest for the explanation of the terrestrial magnetic field based on the common sense and contemporary science. The objective of the article is to show that the entire amount of geomagnetic field arises in rotating thermoelectric charges created by thermal gradient of Earth's crust and core slightly affected by Sun activity. Although there is almost the same amount of positively and negatively charged regions of Earth's globe, they are split and their peripheral velocities are not equal, therefore this particular inequality is enough to create the existing terrestrial magnetic field.

  • True Explanation of Operation of Homopolar Engine (2009) [Updated 1 decade ago]
    by Andrija Radovic   read the paper:

    Operation of Faraday's homopolar engine had crucial aftermaths to contemporary science. Most of misunderstandings of the machine's operation caused wrong acceptance of N hypothesis instead of M one. Although there were plenty of authors suspecting that physical fields are moveable, this fact is finally duly proven by the experiment depicted in the text. There are also analyzed classical string theoretical concept with fields' equations and the induction formula.

  • Dead-Time Correction for Nonparalyzing Detectors When Measuring Short-Lived Nuclides (2007) [Updated 1 decade ago]

    Nuclear Technology, VOL. 157 JAN. 2007. The purpose of this article is to show that when the half-life of a specimen being measured is comparable to the dead time of the measurement system, an additional correction is required in the classical dead-time correction formula for a nonparalyzing detector. This additional correction accounts for the decay of radioactivity during the dead time, and therefore the expression for the additional correction includes the specimen half-life. This additional correction is significant for some specialized applications involving very short-lived nuclides. These results may be useful for neutron activation analysis of short-lived isotopes and certain medical imaging applications.

  • Equations of Electrodynamics for Conductors in Motion (2007) [Updated 6 years ago]

    The basic equations of electromagnetism, as currently accepted, are not completely true. The equations do not contain terms for the speed of charge carriers. If the electric field has its own velocity identical to the moving charges that produce the corresponding magnetic field, then formulas for the magnetic field must contain terms for the velocity of the charges. It is shown that complete equations for electrodynamics must include terms for the drift velocity of charges.

  • N or M Hypothesis (2004) [Updated 1 decade ago]

  • A New Equation of Light Trajectory (2004) [Updated 1 decade ago]
    by Andrija Radovic   read the paper:

    The article shows that the essential equation of light trajectory is very simple and that is connected with the third derivative of the coordinate oppositely than the classic mechanics where the second derivative is the last significant one.

  • Frequency Shift that is Caused By Observer Movement (2003) [Updated 6 years ago]
    by Andrija Radovic   read the paper:

    The non-linear Doppler effect shows that the acceleration is able to change the spectral image of a sample. The effect may have great influence on cosmologic theories especially to Hubble dilatation of space. The recent examination of the Fine structure constant shows that the constant was not being stable over the time. One explanation is that the acceleration of the dilatation of space has influence on it so we may conclude that it was changing over the time. The article also shows that derivation of the non-linear Doppler effect can be done without any relativistic premise. The formula (8) also shows that the Doppler effect is connected with all time derivatives not with the just first one.

  • Cherenkov's Particles as Magnetons (2002) [Updated 6 years ago]
    by Andrija Radovic   read the paper:

    The article will show that the formula for Cherenkov's radiation can be clearly derived from Special Relativity Theory although the speeds of particles surpass the speed of light. It indicates that Special Relativity Theory is able to describe the dynamics of faster-than-light charged particles. If it is correct that such faster-than-light particles must have imaginary values for their electrostatic charges, then they must be true magnetons.