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Andrija Radovic
local time: 2024-02-22 11:19 (+01:00 )
Andrija Radovic (About)
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Interests: Special Relativity, Cherenkov Radiation, Autodynamics Age: 49

The intention of the author is an appeal for the demystification of modern physics trough clarification of the phenomena that should be easily explained by the contemporary physics but it is not the case: the atoms are able to absorb and emit photons with 5000 time greater wavelengths than their own sizes, we do not know the essence of inertia, and we cannot explain operation of a simple electric transformer by the usage of Maxwell equations only, simply because the output is not derived input on any way. If the modern science would not be brave enough to honestly admit what it does not know we will continue to push pistons with hot gasses (firstly it was the steam and then came gasoline) and to shake magnets near wires (nearly all electric machines do that) for a very long time. Our civilization is capable to utilize only the electromagnetic and nuclear forces while gravitation and weak ones remain technically unused and the reason for that our incapability has to be originated in some kind of scientific deception only. If the science is so theoretically almighty then how it could be that is such discrepancy between technique and theory. It may come from the fact that technical realizations must work which often is not case with the modern theories?
The author derived several equations from the area of both Physics and Mathematics. The major ones are the equation of the thruster Finertial=m1?a1,2?Vext2/c2 which is caused by the external gravitational potential Vext2, the equation of the of the electric field within M hypothesis dE/dt=Curl(vxE), the equation of the electro-gravitational coupling c2?curl(E)=ExG, the complex equation of the gravitational field i?c?Curl(G)=dG/dt whereas i is imaginary unit, c is speed of light and G is gravitational field. The aftermath of the theory is that distribution of the field between sources is not necessarily uniform and that it may vary: in rear space the distribution will be more two dimensional then three dimensional creating some sort of strings, i.e. bundles of line forces like it is the case of magnet immersed in superconductive liquid.
The author showed that Theory of Special Relativity can be derived by the usage of the Biot-Savart and Coulomb formulas only and the General Relativity Theory can be derived by the fact that mathematically acceleration can exist without the motion in the curved space, and that there is the force which tries to move body from the area of less bended space into the area of more bended space.
The author made a classification of physical fields by their affinity to the volume containing no of this field, i.e. whether the field would repeal or attract the volume and therefore he showed that magnetism and gravitation belong to the same kind of fields. Further assumption is that the time defines whether the field is electric or gravitational one and that spin plays significant role in this transmutation. The author also proposed a test for validity of M hypothesis which is consisted of homopolar magnet and which is today's known as the simplest electric motor. It is consisted of only a homopolar magnet, brush and battery and it is tested by Se?n Stewart. The force is created between the outer part of electric current and moving magnet retaining law of conservation of angular momentum valid, which is proof that magnetic field rotates altogether with the magnet (see article in Spacetime & Substance).
In the area of mechanics author derived equation for the force of a thruster F=(4?W2?S?ρ) whereas F is force of the jet engine, W is power, S is area of the blowing hole and ρ is density of the fluid. This equation shows that efficiency of the existing thrusters could be dramatically enhanced by the increasing of the blowing mass of fluid and decreasing of its velocity, i.e. helicopters would be more efficient by having bigger propellers rotating slower and also the efficiency of the lifter could be vastly improved by decreasing of the voltage and increasing of the current either by heating of cathode or by vibrating anode.
In the energetics author proposed magnetic cold fusion reactor based on Cherenkov particles as cold fusion igniters while such particles do not have repulsive electrostatic force in front of them and therefore can penetrate into the nuclei of the hydrogen atoms at rest without resistance. He also derived the Cherenkov radiation formula by usage of assumption that those particles are magnetons and some of SRT equations. He also predicted that Cherenkov particles are true magnetons.
He also invented one method for controlling of asynchronous electric motors by PWPM modulation in which both width and position of the pulses are varying in the manner able to cancel higher harmonics. He derived a formula for the current in null wire in the three-phase load consisted of three resistors in star connection I0=(I12+I22+I32-I1?I1-I1?I3-I2?I3), he also invented the induction pump which propels fluid by eddy currents able to circulate corrosive and hot liquids melted salt (NaCl) in solar power plants.
The author with Dr Soab Usman derived the new formula for correction of paralyzing radiation detectors and this is significant in the domain of operating point where the half life of the particles approaches the paralyzing time which is usual case in incidental situations, n=λ?τ/(1-e-λ?τ)?m/(1-τ?m), whereas n=dN/dt and m=dM/dt.
In mathematics author derived a test of determining exact value of LP norm of orthogonal polynomials and a new formula for gamma and factorial functions which simplifies the complex integration near the pole with real power, see http://functions.wolfram.com/GammaBetaErf/Gamma/07/01/01/0006/, http://functions.wolfram.com/GammaBetaErf/PolyGamma/07/01/01/0005/, http://functions.wolfram.com/GammaBetaErf/Gamma/07/01/01/0005/.
In Climatology author proposed a method for climate control by the artificial air ionization and infra sound. He determined that atmospheric spatial charge keeps the microscopic drops apart and also predicted that industrial electrostatic filters significantly affect global warming which can be easily determined by weather variation trough Saturday and Sunday.
The author also wrote two books published locally in Serbia, ISBN 86-315-0057-7 and ISBN 86-17-06983-X, both from the area of Computer Graphics.
The author received Dipl.-Ing. diploma for engineer of Nuclear and Medical Technique issued by the Belgrade faculty of Electrical Engineering in 1996. He is married and he has a daughter.