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Gerhard Kraus
local time: 2023-03-23 03:13 (+07:00 )
Gerhard Kraus (About)
World Science Database Profile
Interests: Space, Time

Gerhard Kraus was born in Sudetenland, Bohemia (Czechoslovakia), where he was trained as an engineer.  Escaped Hitler?s holocaust he reached Britain in 1939, later joining the British army.  His interest in human development began when he was exposed to Hitler?s racism and biological theories.  Part of his life was spent in Nigeria, helping with its industrialization.  Concerned with the nuclear threat, he organized the People?s World Convention in Geneva 1950 and Paris 1951.  He wrote Homo Sapiens in Decline (1973) and Human Origins and Development from an African Ancestry (1990).  While researching these two books he became interested in the concept of space-time and the publication of Stephen Hawking?s A Brief History of Time (1989) inspired him to write a criticism of the prevailing views, Has Hawking Erred? (1993), and its sequel, Physics or Metaphysics? (1998).   He is long retired and now lives and writes in Bangkock, Thailand.