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Louis Joseph Rancourt
local time: 2023-03-26 08:40 ( )
Louis Joseph Rancourt (About)
World Science Database Profile

I am a science teacher for over 50 years and I am still teaching to help my son Beno?t who is going to do a bachelor degree in nursing in September. I do like teaching science and I am teaching now at Coll?ge Bor?al in Sudbury, Ontario. I have been teaching all grades from 7 to 12, then Ottawa University and College level.

I was always interested in understanding gravity. Since 3 years, my research made me discover that a light beam will block the force of gravity. The scientific paper of this discovery can be accessed in Physics Essays, December 2011.

In this site, I will give a summary of the discoveries to date and the new one also.

My family helps me a lot: Beno?t, 18 is discussing the findings; my wife Madeleine, a nurse is helping also. My daughter Rosanne devised this WEB site and her husband Jamie is a proficient programmer who can help me a lot, even with his big family of 7 nice kids.