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Theophanes E. Raptis
local time: 2024-04-13 20:23 (+02:00 )
Theophanes E. Raptis (About)
World Science Database Profile
Physicist, Software Developer
Interests: Applied Math, Discrete Systems, Automata Theory, Fredkin-zuse Thesis, Beltrami Fields, Propulsion Age: 55

Theophanes Raptis is currently employed as a research associate in EU research projects at the R&D Unit of the Division of Applied Technologies, in the National Centre for Science & Research Demokritos institute of Athens. He is also a research associate at the Dept. of Physical Chemistry in the University of Athens (Prof J. Samios). He has a Bsc in Physics from the University of Crete (1995) and he has followed a post graduate training in theoretical and solid state physics from the physics sector of the National Technical University of Athens during a Phd studentship from the Material Science Institute of the NCSR Demokritos (1997-1999). He has also worked as a research assistant in Protein Folding and Molecular Dynamics problems in the Queen Mary University of London (2000-2001). He was employed as a scientific consultant for the company ?Applied Endophysics Ltd? in London, UK, (2001-2003). His research interests are focused on computational physics applications as well as computational modeling and simulation of physical and abstract dynamical systems, cellular automata and complex systems. He has experience in FORTRAN, C/C++, MATLAB and basic knowledge of MAPLE, REDUCE and Maxima programming environments. He has developed a special suite of programs for Molecular Mechanics and Monte-Carlo Optimization of polymeric structures with Dr V. Raptis at the Physical Chemistry Dept in the University of Ioannina. He is the main developer of LexTools, a forthcoming MATLAB package for the analysis of abstract symbolic sequences in any alphabet based on the properties of polynomial representations of integer powersets.