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Mike Gamble
local time: 2023-03-23 23:15 (-04:00 DST)
Mike Gamble (About)
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Interests: Gravity

Michael Allen Gamble was born in Fergus Falls, MN back in 1952. Married to my wife for the past 21 years and we have two teenagers a son and daughter. After high school I put in 5 years as a Chevy Mr. Good Wrench and then went back to college. Earned a bachelors degree in electronics engineering from Northrop Institute of Technology, CA; graduated Magna Cum Laude in 1978. Worked 10 years for a number of small companies. One in the wood products industry where I racked up 500,000 miles of travel as a field service engineer and another as an electronics engineer for automotive fuel injection both here and in China. Came to Boeing Sept 11 1985 and have been with them since. Over the past 25 years I have worked many programs for Boeing commercial and a number of classified aerospace ones. Presently work in the Phantom Works R&D group with smart material (nitinol) actuators which are used to bend (morph) structures like rotor blades, engine nacelles, wings and flaps.