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Michael E. Gmirkin
local time: 2023-05-28 19:19 (-07:00 DST)
Michael E. Gmirkin (Abstracts)
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  • The Sun-Earth Connection (and Other Considerations) (2011) [Updated 1 decade ago]
    by Michael E. Gmirkin   read the paper:

    Erroneous assumptions about plasmas and the implications of correcting those errors in theories based on observations of plasmas and magnetic fields in local and deep space are considered. Several behaviors of electric currents through plasma are briefly discussed on their own and with relation to a brief survey of select press releases regarding observations from local and deep space over the last decade. The spectre of revisiting foundational assumptions about space that were emplaced before the age of space telescopes, satellites and plasma physics is raised. A case is made that we should adopt a more cosmicentric model of the universe, making ubiquitous use of known aspects of plasma physics, prior to inventing "new physics", due to the fact that over 99% of the observable matter in the universe is in the plasma state.