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Dwardu Cardona
local time: 2023-06-10 11:11 (-07:00 DST)
Dwardu Cardona (About)
World Science Database Profile
Electrical Engineer
Interests: Electric Universe

Dwardu Cardona was born, raised, and educated in Malta, Europe, from where he emigrated to Canada in 1959. Less than a year later, in mid-1960, he became involved in the study of catastrophism and the reconstruction of the Solar System's cosmic history. He has since then acted as a Contributing Editor for KRONOS (1975-1978) and, later, as a Senior Editor for the same periodical (1979-1988) and, later still, as the Editor for AEON (1995-2006). He was one of the Founding Fathers behind the Canadian Society for Interdisciplinary Studies (now defunct), and has acted as a consultant on mythology and cosmogony for Chronology and Catastrophism Review, the official organ of the British-based Society for Interdisciplinary Studies. He has also acted as the Series Editor for the Osiris Series of books sponsored by Cosmos & Chronos.

As a writer, Cardona has now published well over a hundred articles in various periodicals, most of them on the subject covered in this paper and, in fuller detail, in his three books: God Star (2006), Flare Star (2007), and Primordial Star (2009). He has additionally lectured at the University of Bergamo, in Italy, and at various organizations in Canada, the United States, and England.

He presently makes his home together with his wife in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.