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Dr. Ernest J. Sternglass
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Dr. Ernest J. Sternglass (About)
World Science Database Profile
Professor Emeritus of Physics
Interests: Big Bang, Universe Origins Age: 96

Ernest Joachim Sternglass (born 1923, Berlin) is a Ph.D. American physicist and author, best known for his controversial research on the health risks of low-level radiation from atmospheric testing of nuclear weapons and from nuclear power plants.  Emigrating to the US in 1938, he earned his BEE (1944), MS (1951) and PhD (1953) all from Cornell University.  His early works include Low-Level Radiation (1972) and Secret Fallout (1981).   He is an emeritus professor at the University of Pittsburgh and is mentioned in Who's Who.


  • "Cancer: Relation of Prenatal Radiation to Development of the Disease in Childhood," Science, V140, pp. 1102-04 (1963).