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Z. Dahlen Parker
local time: 2023-04-01 11:02 (-07:00 )
Z. Dahlen Parker (About)
World Science Database Profile
backyard experimenter
Interests: Alternate Energy, Electric Universe, De-westernized Historical Re-construction

Photo sequence of profile,, a bio in picture form.

Were it not for the Grace of God, Jesus' intervention in my life, there'd be tall fences surrounding me or dirt above me. http://para-az.com/elroyvtar90-2lif.jpg

His promise to lead and guide us to all truth and understanding was claimed by me with no idea where it would lead. Not to become a 'DISCOVERER', instead being a conduit of received insight.

The net was a net from curiosity diverse to the curious link of Kronia.com comparative mythology and The Electric Universe.

Then the dust of the desert and an old CRT became a stage for developments that none of my earthly educators could have foreseen, http://para-az.com/1stposdepcut-5-12.44.jpg

with a finger intended to for physical cleaning came a surprise of electirc discharge cleaning and patterns which were unmistakably scaleable to planetary features. And so began experiment with electrical discharge patterns on a CRT by the backyard experimenter in an effort to add supportive evidence, from experiments, to the foundation already laid by Dave Talbott, Wal Thornhill and many others of the Electric Universe perspective.