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John T. Ratzlaff
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John T. Ratzlaff (Books)

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by John T. Ratzlaff

Publisher: Angriff Press
Year: 1981
ISBN: 0913022446
ISBN: 978-0913022443
ISBN: 0960353682
ISBN: 978-0960353682

It's kind of hard rating the contents of this book, since it's a copy of all of Telsa's patents. So, what I rated was the utility of the book which is tremendous. With this you get a LOT of research material into Tesla's work and can trace the evolution of his ideas thru time. Very good! - Amazon

Reprinted by the Tesla Book company, 1983.

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by Tom Bearden, John T. Ratzlaff

Pages: 188
Publisher: Tesla Book Comapny
Year: 1981
ISBN: 0960353631
ISBN: 978-0960353637

The long-searched for Tesla secrets have been solved by Tom Bearden. Part I contains the specific description of the solutions to Tesla's secrets and the Soviet Tesla weapons.

The present electromagnetic theory has several flaws, and it is these errors that have hidden the long-sought unified field theory. The explanations presented by the author provide claity and understanding to related Tesla writings and patents.

Before the turn of the century, Nikola Tesla had discovered and was utilizing a new type of electric wave. Tesla repeatedly stated that his wave was non-Hertzian, and that his wireless transmissions did not fall off as the square of the distance. The author has found that the wave which Tesla was using is a longitudinal scalar wave, capable of many times the speed of light. When coupled with another scalar wave, the resulting vector wave can be the source of electromagnetic energy for electric power, a protective force field, or a destructive weapon.

The book is well illustrated with special drawings by Hal Crawford. The bibliography includes corroborating information on all major points. Part II presents reprints for the entire subject matter of selected articles from the bibliography, plus additional references of importance. Also included are nine patents by James Harris Rogers which were the basis of successful wireless communication. These principles of underground and sub-sea wireless were based on Tesla's discoveries.

Bearden's solutions are truly a major breakthrough, and an absolute necessity to the understanding of existing Tesla writings.

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by John T. Ratzlaff, Leland I. Anderson

Publisher: Twenty First Century Books
Year: 1979 / 1995
ISBN: 0963601261
ISBN: 978-0963601261

First published in 1979, this is the second printing of an exhaustive annotated bibliography of writings by and about the inventor Nikola Tesla (1856-1943). The period covered is from 1884 through 1978 with approximately 3,000 citations arranged in chronological order. In compiling this edition, all earlier bibliographical efforts were merged, with both North American and European sources being cited. In addition to searching periodical directories and newspaper indexes, complete runs of 23 serials were examined for content; morgue files were examined for unindexed newspapers; Tesla's estate papers were examined for reference to obscure published articles; clipping files in major institutional and public libraries were examined. The end result is a major work that to this day serves as an aid to the user in following the sequence of Tesla's life, scientific discoveries, and accomplishments.

"One of the best bibliographies I have seen on anyone... Every Tesla buff should have a copy... If anyone had doubts about Tesla's contribution to radio and electricity...this should satisfy them.... -- Antique Wireless Association Bulletin, December 1980