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Konchok Penday
local time: 2023-04-01 19:45 (-07:00 DST)
Konchok Penday (About)
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Edited Aethro-dynamics for Steven Rado
Interests: Steven Rado's Aether Physics, Aether

I started as a physics major in 1964 at the University of Chicago, but soon blew out on the Schroedinger equation: what a big disappointment that was. NO understanding at all! Just more meaningless math! I shifted to Humanities. Steven Rado brought me back to physics in 1996, with Aethro-kinematics. I awarded his first Nobul Prize then: http://net-prophet.net/nobul/rado/rado.htm I've been promoting him ever since. In 2008 I *JUMPED* at the chance to edit Aethro-dynamics. What an honor! Steven is the greatest physicist of all time! I'm just a beginning student.